Spathiphyllum Picasso

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Spathiphyllum Picasso is an easy to grow variety with green and white foliage. They are a clumping plant and will get bigger and more lush over time. With each new baby plant that grows, the possibility for more variegation will come.

They prefer slightly moist but well drained soil, taking care not to overwater. Thriving in a well- lit position, protected from direct sunlight.

The variegation is completely random, the colours vary in each individual plant and can change as it grows, matures and grows new baby plants. This is unpredictable and specific variegation cannot be guaranteed. It's important to note that current variegation in no way guarantees future variegation.

Plants will be chosen at random, and will include some variegation.

If you're potting these into a larger pot we recommend popping it out of the current pot and putting it straight into a larger pot without disrupting the current rootball.


120-130mm pot size 

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