About Us

Uprooted is powered by two highly energetic, plant-passionate individuals who turned their shared love of nature into a mission to bring more greenery indoors. 

With their humble pursuit to bring a spot of plant life into more indoor spaces in mind, Rick and Fernando started their plant-delivery service – an endeavour that’s all about bringing happy-making houseplants (without being harmed in transit) into your home.


About the team

Having started their plant-purveying business in Melbourne more than two years ago, Rick and Fernando, uh, uprooted their lives, and chased the light home to The Sunshine State where their business bloomed. Now happily replanted in balmy Brisbane, the duo ships ready-to-display, potted plants daily from Monday to Friday – in rain, hail and (on most days) sunshine. In fact, the pair has successfully shipped more than 150,000 plants to their new homes without delay.

Rick’s love for plants was fostered while growing up on a bountiful mango farm in the tropics, while Fernando grew up surrounded by the lush, tropical plants and fruit trees of his homeland, Brazil. Working with nature was a no-brainer for the leaf-loving two. And yet, this pair is not only the brains behind Uprooted, but also the brawn. Both Rick and Fernando are active fitness instructors who continue to motivate people to move, while running their blossoming business. When they’re not packing your plant orders or spending time in the gym, they can be found tending to their nursery, seeking outdoor adventures and enjoying a dose of sunshine by the sea. 


About Uprooted

A few foliage mishaps led Rick to rethink the way plants could be delivered online, spurring an idea that would see him launch his own business. As a loving plant parent, Rick had been disappointed by online plant orders he’d made in the past – with greenery arriving worse for wear due to poor packaging methods. As his indoor plant collection grew, so did his notebook filled with ideas on how to make plant-deliveries better. 

That’s when Rick set to work designing a nifty packing cell that each of his plants could be protected by during transit. Using a Stanley knife and cardboard off-cuts to fashion a prototype, Rick took months to perfect his design. And, as it turns out, the packing cell design was a success. Happy plants could then arrive unharmed to happy homes, near and far. But, as those who order from Uprooted will know, the beautifully custom-designed packaging has come a long way from its first iteration. 

Like a seedling that sprouts into a prospering plant, what began as a small store in a 70 square-metre shopfront in Melbourne has now grown into a purpose-built, acreage site in Far North Queensland. On their lush, sunlit acreage, Rick and Fernando now grow all of the plants they deliver.

Now, Uprooted is able to offer a large, diverse selection of plants at an affordable price. Better yet, every plant is available to be purchased online and delivered at competitive shipping rates. This means you can view and order your new houseplant from the comfort of your living room, and rest assured it will arrive quickly and safely.