Philodendron Brasil

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The Philodendron Hederaceum Var. Oxycardium Brasil is commonly called Philodendron Brasil due to its leaf colouring resembling the Brazilian flag.

Philodendrons make popular houseplants due to their low maintenance requirements. The Heart Leaf Philodendron has beautiful green heart-shaped leaves that are typically approximately 4-6cm across, although they can grow much larger outdoors, growing along a long vine stem.

Position your Heart Leaf Philodendron in bright indirect sunlight ensuring that it doesn't receive direct hot sun. The Heart Leaf Philodendron will survive in low light conditions but may become leggy. Like most indoor houseplants the Heart Leaf Philodendron doesn't require a lot of water. 

 **May not be shipped with plastic ladder**


130mm pot size


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