Philodendron Florida Ghost
Philodendron Florida Ghost

Philodendron Florida Ghost

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The Philodendron Floria Ghost is a vining species of Philodendron, they will love to have a totem pole to climb up so they can show off their true beauty. The leaf shape gets more dramatic as they mature and are super easy to care for like most philodendrons.

They will grow in most light conditions but prefer to be a in a well lit area, out of direct sunlight. Plant them in free draining soil and take care not to over water.

**Small amounts of leaf imperfections can be seen on current stock, not every leaf will be perfect**

Young plants are full green, we’re told by the grower that ghost colouring will develop as they mature. The Florida Ghost tissue culture is new to Australia and these are one of the first batches, we cannot make any guarantees how they’ll grow, how long it will take to see variegation or the quality of the variegation and potentially if some don’t variegate. We will not issue refunds for plants that remain green. 
We haven’t seen fully grown plants from tissue culture so If you’re unsure, best not to purchase and wait til we see some longer term growing results :) 


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