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Premium Indoor Plant Potting Mix

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Transform your indoor garden with our Premium Indoor Plant Potting Mix, specially formulated to provide the perfect growing environment for your houseplants. Our expertly crafted blend ensures optimal growth, health, and vitality, making it the ideal choice for plant enthusiasts of all levels. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of our select ingredients:

Coco Coir Pith: Derived from the husks of coconuts, coco coir pith is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional peat moss. It offers excellent water retention and aeration properties, ensuring your plants stay hydrated without the risk of waterlogging. Its natural ability to balance moisture levels helps prevent root rot and supports healthy root development.

Coco Chips: These chunky pieces of coconut husk enhance the mix’s structure, providing superior aeration and drainage. Coco chips create air pockets within the soil, promoting healthy root growth and preventing soil compaction. Their fibrous nature also aids in retaining moisture, making it easier for plants to access the water they need.

Coarse Perlite: This lightweight, volcanic rock improves drainage and prevents soil compaction, ensuring roots have the space to breathe and expand. Coarse perlite helps to maintain a perfect balance between air and water within the soil, reducing the risk of root diseases and promoting vigorous plant growth. It also makes the potting mix more manageable and easy to work with.

12-Month Controlled Release Fertilizer: Our slow-release fertilizer provides a steady supply of essential nutrients for up to 12 months. This ensures your plants receive a consistent and balanced diet, promoting lush foliage, vibrant blooms, and robust growth. The controlled release mechanism prevents nutrient burn and eliminates the need for frequent fertilizing, making plant care simpler and more convenient.

Low Ingredient Formula for Maximum Benefit: Our Premium Indoor Plant Potting Mix is carefully designed with a low ingredient formula, highlighting the quality and effectiveness of each component. By focusing on fewer, superior ingredients, we ensure that each element works harmoniously to create the ideal growing medium. This streamlined approach results in a potting mix that is easy to use, highly effective, and perfectly suited for a wide variety of indoor plants.

Our Premium Indoor Plant Potting Mix is perfect for potting or repotting your favourite indoor plants. Give your plants the best possible start with a mix that promotes healthy roots, balanced moisture, and sustained nutrition. Elevate your indoor gardening experience with our Premium Indoor Plant Potting Mix and watch your plants thrive like never before.

Ideal for plants like Goeppertia [Calathea], Stormanthe, Maranta, Aglaonema, Ferns, Monstera, Epipremnum. This is the potting mix we use in the nursery and grow almost everything in it.

Approximately 8L bagged

Product Weight:3.0 kg

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50mm Pots - 100g
100mm Pots - 500g
130mm Pots - 750g
180mm Pots - 2-3kg

Custom Packaging

Our custom packaging is beautiful + strong so that your plants arrive safe and in good condition. We don't charge any additional price for packaging materials.


We send plants exclusively with Australia Post Express. Our shipping app knows when there is a plant in the order and will only display Express Post rates. 
As plants are top priority we ship them with the fastest method possible.

Magical Maxis

Our Magical Maxis range are grown in larger pots 175mm and for too big to fit in our regular packaging. 
We've offered these larger plants with complimentary shipping as they need to ship one plants per box and cannot be packed together with any of our other plants due to their size.
The weight of these plants will not affect the capped 5kg shipping price.

At this stage we are not shipping out Magical Maxi range to WA, NT or TAS.


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We are plant packing experts! Read on to learn more


The wait is over on cardboard box top


Every plant from Uprooted has been lovingly tended to and cared for, so of course we want to ensure that when it reaches you after its trip in the mail, it arrives in tip top condition. After months of researching and testing all types of packaging ideas and options, we have crafted an architectural plant packing system that will keep your plants snug, healthy and intact. Whilst typical packaging for online shopping relies heavily on bubble wrap or paper to keep items padded, when you’re sending plants the trick is actually to keep the plants in place so that they a) can’t get bumped around and b) their leaves stay as in tact as possible. 

 Outside boxInside box from top

We use high quality boxes to protect your precious cargo


We use high grade cardboard for the packaging for not just the box on the exterior, but also within the walls to give it the box extra structural integrity – necessary for strengthening the outer shell! Each box has ample air space within it to ensure that the plant has access to oxygen and isn’t squeezed into place. The box is clearly marked “this side up” and “contains live plants” so that the postie knows how to handle your precious cargo


Plant stacked in packagingPlants unpacked


Your plant will arrive already in a pot

Each plant (with the exception of tube stock) will come in its own nursery pot eliminating the need for you to pot it up once you receive it – what a relief! This helps to keep the plant even healthier as it removes the stress from having its roots exposed. We carefully use plastic wrap, tape and tissue paper to ensure the dirt stays where it should (in the pot), and tissue paper around the leaves to gently protect them from the sides of the box


Plant one being snippedPlant 2 being snipped


When your plant arrives…

Ensure you delicately and carefully cut through any tape on the top and bottom of each box. Then hold the outside of the box, whilst pulling the inner layer of cardboard out so you can slide your plant safely out. And there you have it, your new brand new plant, ready to sit on a shelf or window sill!

We recommend leaving your new plant in its pot for a minimum of 2 weeks before repotting, this allows time to acclimatise to your home and reduce unnecessary stresses.

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