Peperomia Argyreia - Watermelon

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***please read description in full before purchasing***

Peperomia Argyreia are extremely fragile, it's VERY likely that they will suffer some damage in transit, no matter how they're packed. In saying that, we will wrap each plant very carefully but damage is often unavoidable.

We will not entertain refunds, exchanges or compensation for plants damaged in transit. Express post is highly recommended for this plant.

Each plant is unique & we tried to capture this in our images  some are smaller, some larger, some have a little lean and some aren’t perfect.


The Peperomia Argyreia is an attractive addition to any houseplant collection. It has deep green foliage with light silver veins and easy to look after. The leaves are so big and juicy, we just love them!

Peperomia care is not difficult and Peperomia plants have a compact form that lets them occupy a small space, they like bright indirect light and prefer the soil to dry between waterings. They do store water in their leaves like a succulent so they dont need to be watered often.

100mm pot size 


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